Frequently Asked Questions

Parents: Prior To Picture Day

Can I bring in a sibling that does not attend the school?
This is a school decision. Please check with your school’s director to find out if this is acceptable.

Can I have siblings photographed together and separately?
We are happy to take sibling photos, subject to your school’s policy. If you receive an order envelope in advance of Picture Day (our Prepay Program), please note “Siblings” on the order envelope, as well as their individual names (up to 3 children may be taken together). If you would also like individual portraits taken, please fill out separate envelopes for each order. If your school uses our Non Prepay Program, please inform your child’s teacher or school administrator that you would like a sibling photo taken. A small sitting fee is required for sibling photos under this program.

Do you need parent helpers on Picture Day?
We always welcome parent volunteers on picture day if the school permits. Contact your school for details on how you can help.

How can I prepare for senior portraits?
Our photographers are very creative and focused on making your senior portrait experience an enjoyable one. We offer both formal and informal portraits. We will provide the formal attire; your senior should come dressed for the informal portrait. If your child is an athlete or wants to highlight a particular area of interest, he or she can bring a prop or wear a team uniform.

How should I dress my child for Picture Day?
Check with your school to find out which background is being used, as this may or may not change how you want to dress your child. If your school offers  the choice of photo backgrounds using Green Screen, it is best not to dress your child in green clothing. Solid colors, both primary and muted tones, work especially well with most backgrounds and skin tones. Try to avoid busy patterns, large jewelry and temporary tattoos. Simple jewelry works well and can enhance the quality of your portrait.

My child wears glasses. Will this create a problem?
Not at all! Our professional photographers are trained in lighting. They will make all adjustments needed to ensure you receive the best picture.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept payment in the form of check, cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. We do not accept American Express.

What happens if my check or debit/credit is returned from the bank?
Payment by check or credit/debit card is your authorization that all returned items, plus the maximum fee allowed by state law, will be electronically debited from your account.

What if I forget to send payment by the Picture Day deadline?
You can call us and pay over the phone with a credit/debit card.

What if my child is absent or sick on Picture Day?
Check with your school to see if we’re returning for a make-up day. If not, contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule your child to have his or her picture taken in our studio.

What is a Digital Filter?
Our digital filter retouching technology dramatically reduces skin blemishes and enhances skin tone quality. It will not remove freckles or scars.

What is Metallic Paper?
Metallic paper is a special product that produces a glossy finish and striking appearance, creating images that are described as “Chrome on Paper," while at the same time adding depth, vibrant color and flattering flesh tones. Ask your school director to show you a sample.

What is the Memory Mate?
A memory mate is an 8x10 photo sheet with both an individual and class photo included on the page, as well as the name of your school and the year.

When do I need to pay for portraits?
This is determined by your school. Some schools require payment in advance, in which case you will receive an envelope with pricing details prior to Picture Day (Prepay Program). If your school does not require payment in advance (Non Prepay Program), you will receive a finished portrait package with payment instructions included. You may purchase all or some of the portraits and return your payment and any pictures you do not purchase to your child’s teacher.

When will I be notified about Picture Day?
The school will typically notify you at least 2-3 weeks in advance of Picture Day. There will also be reminder posters around the school.

When will I receive my pictures?
Pictures are delivered to the school within four weeks of Picture Day.

Will you comb my child's hair?
Of course! We bring combs to every shoot and make sure to use separate combs for each child.

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