Frequently Asked Questions

Parents: After Picture Day

Can I make copies of my portraits?
Irvin Simon Photographers owns all original images we take. It is against Federal Copyright Laws to scan, copy or reproduce pictures in any way without a written copyright release. A release is available with the purchase of an Image Download.  Feel free to contact us with further questions.

Can I order additional photos after Picture Day?
You can always reorder more photos. Refer to the receipt included in your picture envelope or click here to view the Online Ordering section of our website. Images in the Online Ordering categories are samples only; original images are not available online. 

Can I re-order an entire package?
There are special packages available in our online store. Picture packages offered on Picture Day may be purchased later at an additional cost, which includes shipping to your home.

Can I send my pictures back to have them digitally retouched?
Yes. Please contact our office to find out more about retouching options.

How do I find my Image Serial Number?
The image serial number is located on the receipt in your picture package, as well as on the back of the portrait. It will have a number and letter sequence (example: 4321-1AB13-B0123). If possible, please have it available when contacting our office with inquiries about your portrait.

How do I request a refund?
Please return your picture package to our office within ten days of delivery to the school, along with your mailing address and reason for the return. Class photos, image downloads and dance/sports specialty items are not refundable.

How long do you retain my child's portrait?
We keep a copy of your child’s portrait on file for three years.

What if I am missing part of my picture package or my group picture?
If you did not receive your entire package, simply call our office and ask to speak with our corrections department. You can also fill out our Online Customer Service Form.

What if I don’t like my child’s school portrait?
Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your child’s school portrait. Bring your original package to the school with your child on the school's make-up day and we will retake the picture free of charge. If your school is not scheduled for make-ups, you are more than welcome to bring your child to our studio for a retake. If you do not want a retake, you will receive a full refund for individual portraits purchased under our Prepay Program.

What if I receive the incorrect package?
If you receive the wrong package, please contact our corrections department and we will make sure we get the correct picture package to you immediately. You can also fill out our Online Customer Service Form.

Where do I mail late payment for pictures?
Please mail your payment to:

Irvin Simon Photographers
11419 Cronridge Drive, Suite 14
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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