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Our Programs Irvin Simon Photographers Baltimore With all program options, teachers and staff will receive a complimentary individual picture package; teachers will also receive a free class photo. The school office will receive a bound album of all class photos at no charge. Any children of faculty and staff who attend the school receive a 50% discount on all picture packages purchased on Picture Day!

Here's how each program works:

Prepay Program

  • We send you Bulletin Board Posters and custom Picture Order Envelopes with numerous package options for distribution to parents.
  • Parents who want to purchase portraits return the completed envelope with payment on Picture Day, or pre-order online.
  • Our photographer collects the envelope when the pictures are taken.
  • We deliver finished portrait packages back to you, bundled by class.
  • As always, satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Parents may request a retake on a scheduled make-up picture day or a refund of their child's individual portrait prints.
The advantage of this program is that the photographer collects the payments, so there are no administrative issues for you to deal with after Picture Day. It's the most used program at our K-8 and K-12 private and public schools. For the parents, this is the least expensive program since we only print what they order and there is no waste.

Proof Program

  • We send you Bulletin Board Posters to let parents know that Picture Day is approaching.
  • All children are photographed individually and with their class.
  • Proof images and order forms are delivered shortly thereafter (either in print or online) for distribution to parents.
  • Parents may purchase their photos by mailing orders to Irvin Simon or ordering online.
  • We can either deliver finished portraits to you, bundled by class, or we can mail them directly to parents.
The advantage of this program is the ease of administration.

No matter which program you choose, you can be sure it comes with our exceptional personal service for you, your students and their parents!

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